Let Us Remember: Encouragements from Tim Keller

GRIEVING WITH HOPE On the one hand, you can try to avoid grief. You can try to avoid weeping. That will either make you hard and inhuman, or else it will erupt later on and bite you and devastate you. The other mistake is to grieve without hope. The love and hope of God and […]

When Grace Wins

Langdon Gilkey was a twentieth-century American theologian and writer who encountered the truth of God’s grace in the most unlikely of places. As a young man, Gilkey attended Harvard University where he studied philosophy. During his time there, he, like many college students, lost his faith and began to identify as a secular humanist—someone who […]

How Do We Reach a Global Generation?

When I was in Seoul for the first time last year, I witnessed what may be the biggest challenge of reaching the next generation. There, many people recognized that the Korean church was starting to shrink, despite the fact that it had grown faster than the country’s population for about 70 years. Everybody was concerned […]

Defining a Gospel Movement

It is common for Christian ministries, indeed for human organizations, to claim to be a movement. It has a very positive ring to contemporary ears. When Christians use the term, they often mean, “God is blessing our efforts.” But when Redeemer City to City (CTC) employs the phrase, we have something much more specific in […]

Wisdom and Sabbath Rest

Leadership is stewardship—the cultivation of the resources God has entrusted to us for his glory. The Sabbath gives us both theological and practical help in managing one of our primary resources— our time. In Ephesians 5, Paul invokes the biblical concept of wisdom: “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, […]

Ministry Can Be Dangerous to Your Spiritual Health

Ministry places enormous pressures on one’s integrity and character, pressures which require extra vigilance and a deeper understanding of one’s need for God.  It is always gratifying to see Christians become active in church ministry rather than remain mere consumers of spiritual services. There is nothing so fulfilling as to see lives touched and changed […]

Kingdom-Centered Prayer

Throughout the Old and New Testaments and church history, every spiritual awakening was founded on corporate, prevailing, intensive, kingdom-centered prayer. We cannot create spiritual renewal by ourselves, but we can “prepare the altar” and ask God to send his Holy Spirit to change our hearts, our churches, and our communities. Christians are used to thinking […]

Preaching in a Secular Culture

This article outlines four ideas that in my experience are at the core of preaching effectively in a secular culture. If you seek to communicate the gospel to both the Christians and non-Christians in your midst, I encourage you to pursue all four elements in your own preaching. 1. PREACH TO CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS AT […]

Five Ministry Fronts in the City

In order to have the greatest impact on the city and to reflect all aspects of gospel transformation, we seek to achieve a balance along five key ministry fronts. As part of its founding mission to be a church in and for the city, Redeemer seeks to balance its work among five core ministry fronts. […]

Ministry and Character

Once we have embarked upon a life of ministry, we will be confronted with agonizing and persistent questions like “How am I doing?” and “How will I know how I’m doing?” At the unconscious (and conscious) levels, we begin flailing about for a way to answer those questions. One of the keys to the rest […]