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When Grace Wins

Langdon Gilkey was a twentieth-century American theologian and writer who encountered the truth of God’s grace in the most unlikely

Rethinking the Chessboard

Week by week, many pastors pour heart, soul, and tireless work into crafting a compelling Sunday service.

Statement on COVID-19

Redeemer City to City (CTC) continues to closely monitor updates about COVID-19 and its ever-changing impact on cities and their

A Beautiful Life as a Case for Christ

In his book How to Reach the West Again, Dr. Keller gives a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the missional challenges the Christian church faces today—as well as the multidimensional responses needed to address these challenges.

One Ant Arguing with Another Ant

The following article originally appeared in the Redeemer Report. One of the common frustrations church planters often face is a