Seeking the Shalom of Our Communities

People and communities thrive when they are experiencing a sense of love, well-being, creative expression, safety and unity. A neighborhood mural in East Harlem describes what the human heart longs for: “unity is the condition of being united with a single whole”. This longing is a reflection of the image and nature of God which He has endowed upon all humankind.

Resources for Churches Addressing Racial Justice

Last week, Redeemer City to City’s CEO, Steve Shackelford, released a statement acknowledging the several ways our organization has failed to live up our own best ideals of diversity, trans-denominational unity, and the importance of mercy and justice in ministry.

Resources for Work Disruption Related to COVID-19

The Global Faith & Work Initiative, a ministry of Redemer City to City, is committed to helping pastors and ministry leaders equip their people to do God’s work in the world. Their resource page is frequently updated with resources for work disruption related to COVID-19. Below is an excerpt from this page. COVID-19 Work Disruption […]

Rethinking the Chessboard

Week by week, many pastors pour heart, soul, and tireless work into crafting a compelling Sunday service.

Together for the City

The following excerpt is from Neil Powell and John James’ new book, Together for the City, a groundbreaking story of a group of churches who decided to work together to reach their city like never before.

How Do We Reach a Global Generation?

When I was in Seoul for the first time last year, I witnessed what may be the biggest challenge of reaching the next generation. There, many people recognized that the Korean church was starting to shrink, despite the fact that it had grown faster than the country’s population for about 70 years. Everybody was concerned […]