One Ant Arguing with Another Ant

The following article originally appeared in the Redeemer Report. One of the common frustrations church planters often face is a kind of protectionist turf consciousness that they meet from established churches in their target areas. If the established church, however small or weak it may be, discovers that a new church might begin nearby, the […]

What Gospel-Shaped Worship Enables (Part 1)

Who is a worship service for? I remember asking myself that question as a second-year seminary student. Clearly, the goal of worship is to glorify God, first and foremost. But which kinds of people are expected to be in a worship service? Certainly, Christians are to gather for worship. But passages like 1 Corinthians 14, where Paul […]

Learning to Fail

Over a period of 12 years, I planted two churches in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Preaching in a Secular Culture

This article outlines four ideas that in my experience are at the core of preaching effectively in a secular culture. If you seek to communicate the gospel to both the Christians and non-Christians in your midst, I encourage you to pursue all four elements in your own preaching. 1. PREACH TO CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS AT […]

Five Ministry Fronts in the City

In order to have the greatest impact on the city and to reflect all aspects of gospel transformation, we seek to achieve a balance along five key ministry fronts. As part of its founding mission to be a church in and for the city, Redeemer seeks to balance its work among five core ministry fronts. […]