Following Jesus in the City

New York City presents serious challenges to the church’s call to discipleship. Shallow relationships are the norm. Work demands almost every ounce of a person’s time and energy. Hyper-transience cuts off the possibility of communal roots. And personal identity is defined by what you accomplish, leading people to completely immerse themselves in work and creative […]

Preaching in a Secular Culture

This article outlines four ideas that in my experience are at the core of preaching effectively in a secular culture. If you seek to communicate the gospel to both the Christians and non-Christians in your midst, I encourage you to pursue all four elements in your own preaching. 1. PREACH TO CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS AT […]

Five Ministry Fronts in the City

In order to have the greatest impact on the city and to reflect all aspects of gospel transformation, we seek to achieve a balance along five key ministry fronts. As part of its founding mission to be a church in and for the city, Redeemer seeks to balance its work among five core ministry fronts. […]

Evangelistic Worship

Worship isn’t just about honoring tradition or keeping up with culture, it’s about attracting non-believers through comprehensible worship and leading those people to personal commitment. THE WORSHIP WARS One of the basic features of church life in the United States today is the proliferation of worship and music forms. This in turn has caused many […]

The Centrality of the Gospel

The gospel is the central element in the Christian life and continually renews the believer and the Church. Outlined in this article are fifteen ways in which the gospel impacts the believer and eight ways it nurtures the Church. In Galatians 2:14, Paul lays down a powerful principle. He deals with Peter’s racial pride and […]