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Fellows Program

FAQ 01

Is the Fellows Program currently available outside New York City?

FAQ 02

How much does the Fellows Program cost?

Thanks to the generosity of our giving community, City to City NYC covers training materials and meals.

FAQ 03

Is it possible to work full-time while participating in the Fellows Program?

Yes, though this is not ideal. Fellows should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to their readings and their ministry assignment. Fellows who work should ensure that they have the flexibility to attend classes during business hours.

FAQ 04

What are the teaching topics?

Theology and Practice of Urban Christian Ministry Seminar
Fellows participate in a monthly Theology and Practice of Urban Church Ministry seminar taught by Dr. Tim Keller.


• Gospel Renewal
• Ministry Contextualization & Culture + Cities & City Ministry
• Church Models & Ministry
• Preaching (2 sessions)
• Church Leadership
• Evangelism & Justice + Pastoring
• Worship

Gospel DNA Modules
Gospel DNA is a range of distinctive theological emphases and strategic ministry values and priorities that arise from sustained reflection on the gospel. It is a theological and practical understanding of how the gospel shapes all of life, from the heart, to a church, to the city. It is a distinctive urban vision of the world put into action. This material is divided into nine modules taught by City to City staff.


• Gospel Theology
• Gospel Renewal Dynamics + Gospel Preaching
• City Focus
• Church Planting
• Movement Dynamics + Contextual Mission
• Church & Culture
• Integrative Mission

Leadership Modules
Eight monthly seminars address various leadership competencies important for church planters. These seminars include reading assignments and learning exercises.


• Managing Vision & Purpose + Difficult Conversations
• Developing Teams
• Developing Others + Managing Change + Self-management

FAQ 05

What are the required reading assignments?

Fellows should expect to spend 16-20 hours monthly on reading assignments, including:

• White papers/articles (distributed upon acceptance into the program)
• Center Church
• Heart of a Servant Leader
• Additional books as needed, depending on previous experience and education

FAQ 06

What else is expected of participants?

Before you proceed with the application process, please review the expectations below to determine whether the program is right for you.

1. You plan to plant a new congregation/parish in the greater NYC area in partnership with a supporting church or network.
2. You will make every effort to complete each of the critical steps in the process of starting this new congregation, including developing a proposal, recruiting a launch team, and raising the necessary financial resources.
3.You will take the initiative to regularly update the Fellows program staff on the status of your church planting project and all related activities. At any time during the program, if you are unable to continue with this church planting project or if you engage in conduct unbecoming a minister of the gospel (e.g. moral issues), you will inform program staff immediately.
4. You will complete all of the assigned reading before arriving at each session.
5.You will attend each of the weekly Fellows sessions in their entirety. Repeated absences from these sessions will be grounds for dismissal from the program even if you give advance notice that you will be absent. Most program sessions take place early on Thursday afternoons. A detailed program calendar will be provided after admission, and you will need to plan ahead to avoid conflicts with the dates provided.

FAQ 07

Tell me about the application process.

1. Candidates fill out an inquiry form to tell us more about their background and plans to start a church.
2. CTC schedules a call with the candidate to determine next steps, which may include any or all of the following:

a. Recommended reading
b. Church planting assessment
c. Submitting a sermon
d. Face-to-face meeting

3. CTC sends the candidate an application.
4. Within two weeks, the candidate completes the application and assessment (if applicable) and returns it to CTC.
5. CTC schedules an interview with the candidate
6. CTC communicates the admission decision and next steps to the candidate.

FAQ 08

What are the application deadlines? When are acceptance decisions communicated?

June 30: Final deadline for candidates to return their applications for September cohort. Generally, candidates will be informed of the admission decision at least one month prior to the start date.

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