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Missional Health

Through community engagement, discipleship, and evangelism, we walk with leaders who want to grow in their understanding and practice of mission in New York City.



This nine-month program helps equip men and women to be healthy, and impactful leaders in their churches.


We believe that it is God’s mission that calls the church into being. In its fullness, God’s mission encompasses the proclamation and demonstration of his kingdom. Through evangelism, worship and the work of justice, mercy and reconciliation, we show that the reign of God is real, and good.

Grounding Pillars

Gospel Fluency The gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything – forming our identity as his people and inviting us to participate in his mission.

Kingdom Prayer Everything we do is dependent on God, and prayer is a pathway to cultivate that dependence as we join him in his renewing work.

Learning from the Margins The cultural and theological resources from marginalized communities must be brought to bear in all of a church’s ministry especially in seeking justice.

Church Planting Healthy churches place a high value on multiplication--casting vision, creating culture and providing support in the planting of new churches.

Contextualization through Incarnation Our ministry is shaped by engaging the beauty and brokenness of a local context through incarnational living. Cultivating authentic relationships with people in a local context informs and motivates contextualization to a people and place.

Structures that Sustain Dynamism Structures that provide healthy accountability for church leaders and support sound financial stewardship enable churches to focus on mission.

Healthy Leaders, Leading Together Leadership in the church calls for both character and competence; leaders should consistently seek to grow in skill while careful to abide in Jesus together.

Community Engagement Cohorts & Coaching

5 sessions Learn how to better collaborate with your community for the common good as a visible witness to the Kingdom of God. Examples of what our training can provide include

Missional Discipleship Cohorts & Coaching

6 sessions Do you wrestle with how to better equip people for mission in New York City? To disciple people to witness to the kingdom through word and deed--not just for a season, but over the long haul? We believe that activating missional living begins with leaders re-examining the core values of our churches as well as personally integrating missional practices into our lives, and inviting a few key leaders to do the same, first. Our training and coaching cohorts will touch on themes including

Building Evangelism Teams

Training & Coaching 5 sessions Covid-19, economic uncertainty and reckonings with race and justice are pressing big questions of life upon us all. People are asking questions that really matter. And Christians must be ready to listen and to engage our neighbors in ways that serve them and point to Jesus. Building on a theological foundation of our identity as the sent people of God, we support pastors and key leaders in creating evangelism teams that help inspire and equip the church in everyday evangelism and to develop initiatives for witness as a community. Participants will grow in their own evangelism practice, and in their ability to help their church cultivate an environment in which evangelism flourishes.

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For more information on upcoming community engagement cohort and coaching opportunities, please contact [email protected]

For more information on upcoming cohorts and coaching opportunities in missional discipleship and evangelism, please contact [email protected]