Modulating the Key of the Gospel

In 1989 when Tim and Kathy Keller first moved to Manhattan to plant Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of the most critical challenges he would say they faced was learning how to communicate the historic gospel in a way that was both true to Scripture and would resonate with a highly secular, therapeutic culture among the educated professional classes of the Upper East Side.

A Day of Silence

The purpose of silence and solitude is to be able to see and hear.

Let Us Remember: Encouragements from Tim Keller

GRIEVING WITH HOPE On the one hand, you can try to avoid grief. You can try to avoid weeping. That will either make you hard and inhuman, or else it will erupt later on and bite you and devastate you. The other mistake is to grieve without hope. The love and hope of God and […]

When Grace Wins

Langdon Gilkey was a twentieth-century American theologian and writer who encountered the truth of God’s grace in the most unlikely of places. As a young man, Gilkey attended Harvard University where he studied philosophy. During his time there, he, like many college students, lost his faith and began to identify as a secular humanist—someone who […]