A New Church in Yonkers

Before I did a residency at a church in Harlem and started getting involved at CTC, I would have thought starting a church was about getting people to lead a service and hoping people would come. But now I see this is just 10% of church planting.”

God’s Heart for New York City

The call to start a church is unique. And in a city like New York, it is a calling that requires much risk, discomfort, and faith.

God loves cities. And in New York, we’d like to think our city is no different.

A Neighbor for Chelsea

“I didn’t think I had the gifts to start a church, but at the same time I was thinking – Why not me?”

One Ant Arguing with Another Ant

The following article originally appeared in the Redeemer Report. One of the common frustrations church planters often face is a kind of protectionist turf consciousness that they meet from established churches in their target areas. If the established church, however small or weak it may be, discovers that a new church might begin nearby, the […]

Learning to Fail

Over a period of 12 years, I planted two churches in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.