Resources For

Church Planting

Resource 01

Am I Called to Plant a Church? Course

One of the most life-changing questions a leader can ask is, “Am I called to plant a church?” If you're asking that question, this course is for you.

Specific Guidance

Distinguish the right and wrong reasons for planting a church

Access to Coaches

Hear from a dozen actual church planters and get advice on next steps

All Inclusive

All needed materials are included in the course

Resource 02

CTC NYC Coaching

As a church planter/pastor you need a support network that can help in your journey of planting and leading a church. Our coaches can help in this process.

Access to Coaches

To help implement what you learn towards the mission of your church

Bi-Monthly Sessions
Based on the Incubator Collective curriculum and your current needs
Specific Guidance
On evangelism, mercy & justice, faith & work, preaching, and finances
Resource 03

City Renewal Fund

Available to churches that have received training from CTC NYC, CRF grants provide financial help to gospel-centered church plants

Financial Resources

To be used to help cover a portion of your church’s operating expenses

Pay It Forward

Repay 50% over 7 years to help fund future church plants

Application Info

Eligible planters will be invited to info sessions each spring and fall

Resource 04

Counseling Services

Planting and leading a church places church planters/pastors and their families under immense pressure. We can connect you with certified counselors who will guide you towards emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Access to Counselors

To help with the stresses of planting & the realities of spiritual warfare

Counseling Options

Individual, marriage, and family counseling at your disposal

Generous Discounts
Generous discounts or financial support for all counseling sessions

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