Four Reasons We Can’t Forget the Work of Prayer

I underestimated the role of prayer when I planted my church. I was told about the huge effort it would take to plant a church but I didn’t anticipate that effort might subtly crowd out a reliance on God through prayer, over time.

Resources for Churches Addressing Racial Justice

Last week, Redeemer City to City’s CEO, Steve Shackelford, released a statement acknowledging the several ways our organization has failed to live up our own best ideals of diversity, trans-denominational unity, and the importance of mercy and justice in ministry.

One Ant Arguing with Another Ant

The following article originally appeared in the Redeemer Report. One of the common frustrations church planters often face is a kind of protectionist turf consciousness that they meet from established churches in their target areas. If the established church, however small or weak it may be, discovers that a new church might begin nearby, the […]

Together for the City

The following excerpt is from Neil Powell and John James’ new book, Together for the City, a groundbreaking story of a group of churches who decided to work together to reach their city like never before.